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Staci & Paul Acquasanta

New York City Wedding

As we wrap up our Real Wedding extravaganza, I thought that we could take a moment and pay homage to the absolute gorgeousness of a classic NYC wedding. So romantic, SO chic. This is another high style kind of wedding, one that won’t fit into many of your budgets…but who cares! Isn’t it fun to just basque in the luxury of it all and admire the serious beauty in all of the perfect photographs. You better believe it’s fun! Click here to see even more from Shawn Connell for Christian Oth, the unbelievably talented photographer behind the affair.


This pretty wedding came from our friend and 100LC reader Sarah, who actually found her amazing photographer through our little blog. NEAT!!! Sarah and her hubs Vincent live in LA (where Vincent is the killer chef/owner of Animal), but had their wedding at Sarah’s family home on Long Island. As she says, having the wedding at home was a ton of work, but way worth it for the intimacy and memories they’ll have forever.

Sarah & Vincent

Jessica & Andrew